How to Stop Leash Pulling and Enjoy Walking Your Dog Again

How to Stop Leash Pulling

Enjoy Walking Your Dog Again | taught by Mo Loudre

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“Who’s walking who? Heh, heh, heh.”

It was the same dumb joke from the same neighbor every time I took my Delilah for a walk.

Delilah (all 28 pounds of her) would pull so hard she would drag me down the sidewalk. That part was embarrassing.

The scary part? There were two actually.

First, she would pull so hard that she would gag and choke and wheeze. I would stop, but when we would start back up again it was the same thing. I was literally afraid to take her for walks because I thought she would choke herself.

Second, a few times she pulled so hard she got out of her harness and broke free. She made a beeline for the street. . .


Dog Parent.


Ever. . .

She would pull and  I tried to pull back with equal force to get her to stop in her tracks… to no avail. I begged, I yelled. Nothing worked.

I later realized that leash pulling was a behavioral problem that needed to be addressed unless I wanted someone (or some dog) to get hurt.  Since previous attempts to have my dog Delilah go through obedience school training were unsuccessful, I decided to take the DIY dog training  approach.

I studied and studied. We practiced and practiced. Once we figured it out, we refined it again and again.

If you’re struggling like I was, I know it is hard. Even harder is not knowing where to turn for good advice. That’s why I created this helpful guide to help you get back to enjoying walking your dog.  

This course will show you how to stop your dog’s leash pulling problem.. You could keep struggling and being miserable on your walks, or you can learn these 5 super simple exercises that take only 5-10 minutes per session.

Here are the benefits of enrolling in this course:

  • Quick and easy solutions to your dog’s leash pulling problem, forget hours and hours of course materials that you’ll never use
  • Short content jam packed with helpful and actionable tips ensures you get the most from your training time. 
  • Bite sized training that will be able to fit into your schedule
  • Save hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time going to professional behavioral classes or other leash pulling courses out there
  • This course is for dog parents made by dog parents. That means real world advice that you can use to get rid of  your dog’s leash pulling problem.

The best part? Not only is it affordable and easy to use, it also includes all the extras you need to start teaching your dog not to pull. Included with the course you get the following:

  • 5 easy to do exercises which you can schedule and try out at your own convenience
  • Downloadable course notecards to help track your progress and remind you of the exercises’ basic steps
  • A sample and customizable training schedule
  • A bonus lesson on other means to stop leash pulling
  • An overview to leash pulling, including the potential dangers that it can bring

This course is brought to you by the folks at GoodDoggies.Online. An online community of over 10,000 members who believe in good dog parenting and gentle and humane training methods.

Get back to enjoying walks with your dog and stop leash pulling now by signing up for this all in one solution now.

To celebrate the launch of the course, after you buy, we will send you 2 Quick Win Printable Training Sheets on How to Get Your Dog to Come When Called and our unique approach to “How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking Using the Quiet Command” for free. Woo hoo!

Thanks again for stopping by and we hope this course helps you as much as it did us. It literally changed our lives once we could take our dog out for a walk without all the stress worry and strain.

See you inside!


P.s. Even though we’ve been helping thousands of people online, this is our first course. We are so excited about getting it out there and hearing feedback, we have cut the price from $47 to $19 to launch and get the word out.

P.p.s. Just got word that we will only be able to do the $19 for two more weeks, then it will be up to $47. Get it now before it goes up!
Mo Loudre
Mo Loudre
Resident Dog Mom

Mo believes that all doggies are good doggies (and that includes the ones who get their noses in the trash and the ones who chew up the couch). 

She is GoodDoggies.Online's resident dog mom and her experiences with her dog Delilah, affectionately known as the obedience school dropout, has encouraged Mo to start an online resource for other dog parents like her who want to try out DIY Dog Training.

Mo and the other GoodDoggies.Online dog parents are not professional trainers, so you won’t be seeing run-of-the-mill obedience training materials in here. What we do have are training tips derived from our countless experiences with obedience school trainers and materials that make dog training easier (and we don’t just mean on our wallet and conscience!).

So whatever your dog’s issue is, we hope you find what you’re looking for here.

And don’t forget, all doggies are good doggies!

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